Global 2-Way Messaging

TextAnywhere two-way global satellite messaging service is the core of Pilot's functionality. This industry acclaimed service is now further refined and enhanced to better serve the aviation market with near seamless integration to cellular and internet-based messaging.

Dedicated TextAny number
Pilot comes standard with a dedicated phone number that can be texted directly by any cell phone for seamless messaging. No additional charges are applicable to any US/Canadian cell number you text or that text you, regardless of where you are in the worlds.

As long as the device is continuously active the same number will be dedicated to the Pilot device.

TextAny is able to provide cell numbers based in over one-hundred countries around the world. However, each carrier may impose additional fees that you will be responsible for. 

Email Subject Line
Pilot comes with an email subject line for its text based emails which help spam filters not reject your emails.

Larger Text Emails
Satellite messaging has typically been limited to cellular text messaging size between 140 and 160 characters. Pilot emails can have up to 220 characters.

Custom Forms & Reports
ROM has incorporated many built-in forms and reports in our satellite devices, some of these include safety related forms such as Hazard Assessments & Safety Meetings, Catch & Production reports and Maintenance check lists. The data is transmitted in near real time and GPS time stamped.