Text Anywhere
Incorporates a 100 channel dual service GPS engine and features purposed based tracking that is user defined for the type of activity. The Pilot's built-in App consists of five tracking components:

  • Virtual Button
  • GPS Display with direction, speed, altitude, and signal quality
  • Message
  • Recipient's text or email
  • Map Link

You determine how to implement the tracking feature, name the virtual button, write the message / instructions to be sent to the recipient and map link. Tracking simply starts once the virtual button is pressed, position updates are sent every 20 minutes and is charged hourly (1 hour = 4 messages).


Label the virtual button "Emergency", compose your initial message with instructions to the recipient to contact the appropriate authorities and provide tracking information. Stay in contact through satellite messaging.

Time Sensitive Cargo
Name the button "Tracking", define your client or interested party as the recipient and once you press the virtual tracking button your client will receive a message with a link to track your progress.

Text Anywhere is particularly useful in these types of situations. The family and medical personnel are able to follow the progress of the plane, attending nurses or technicians are able to communicate en route and provide vital information to medical professionals.